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1. Please describe your institution's international (EU and non-EU) strategy. In your description please explain a) how you choose your partners, b) in which geographical area(s) and c) the most important objectives and target groups of your mobility activities (with regard to staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles). If applicable, also explain how your institution participates in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees. (max. 5000 characters)

Strategy of internationalization of Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek focuses mainly on development of activities in frames of Erasmus Programme. The institution intends to obtain new cooperation partners in order to give the students and teachers even higher development opportunities. To do that the institution is going to invite such partners from these European countries that no agreements are concluded with yet such as Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Great Britain or Ireland. The institution will try to gain also partners from Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. We will develop cooperation with universities from countries from which we have large number of beneficiaries such as for example Turkey. Except the European Union countries the institution is interested in gaining partners from so called eastern countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, as well as from Asia and South America. Provided that the key of selection of partners from European countries was the intention to obtain them from all the countries and to create opportunities of studying for example German Philology in Germany, English Philology in the Great Britain and Iberian Studies in Spain, so in case of the non-EU countries it is not important from which particular area our partners will come from. HVSS in Wloclawek will make efforts to gain the partners from as many countries as possible out of the European Union however it will be laborious and expanded process that certainly will not be fully completed before the end of the year 2020. At the beginning the institution is going to focus on the partners from the countries, from which we could gain as many students as possible. It is a priority in the strategy of our institution however it is open for partners from all countries because the cooperation with each country contributes unique and unrepeatable value. The deep awareness of that will let not to discriminate any partner regardless of geographical area. Partnership cooperation will let the institution achieve the goals contained in the international strategy. One of its goals is increase of mobility scale among students and teachers in both directions. The institution will dedicate more time than presently to activities leading to gaining more visiting members. Obviously mobilities of our students and teachers are our priority but because of limited opportunities of participation of our beneficiaries in the mobility on account of financial reasons it seems that very important element is taking advantage of the programme also by those who are not directly participating in the mobility. Arrivals of students and staff will provide the wider group of the academic community with opportunities of direct contact, exchange of experiences, gaining knowledge about other cultures. There is a scheme approved by the institution aiming at sharing experiences from mobilities with other members of the academic community however it is indirect way of presentation of the knowledge. Direct contact will create better development chances. To achieve this goal fully the institution will focus also on implementation of more programmes/subjects/courses in English language because we want to gain students for mobility but also for the full education cycle. HVSS in Wloclawek is small institution of local-regional character therefore expansion of international cooperation and mobility is a large chance of development for its students and staff. Therefore the institution will make every effort to increase the scale of the mobility to the biggest possible level. Closer linkage of our institution with the local business environment is of considerable importance too. To perform this priority the institution will focus also on students’ mobility for training purposes and on providing help in looking for training places for the foreign students. Here the Erasmus coordinator will cooperate closely with the institution career office. Our goal is to accomplish visits to the institution of representatives of foreign companies till the end of 2020. Interconnection between the studies and training is a goal included not only in the international strategy of our institution but also included in the entire institution strategy till the 2020. The institution would like the students to benefit not only from the visits of the representatives of the foreign business who will conduct the courses, but also the representatives of local business environment will be invited to participate in the classes. It will contribute in closer linking of our institution with the sphere of business. Because our institution is a small organisation teaching on the level of BA, till the year 2020 it will focus on the increase of mobility in the full meaning of this word. Till that time because of the above issues the institution does not schedule organization of any type of joint/double/multiple degrees because the institution deems that it will be next further stage of its development.

2. If applicable, please describe your institution's strategy for the organisation and implementation of international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects in teaching and training in relation to projects implemented under the Programme. (max. 2000 characters) 

So far Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek has not participated in international cooperation projects. However till the year 2020 the institution wants to become a partner in 3 or maximum 4 international cooperation projects. The projects the Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek wants to participate in will regard: 1) development of cooperation between universities and out of academic environment particularly with business and companies. The point is the closer connection of the education with the labour market and business; 2) modernization of education programmes/courses including their preparation in English; 3) modernization of institutional solutions particularly regarding the structure of organization and the way of managing of the structure as well as financing; 4) development of the didactic potential of the Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek to improve the quality of education and implementation of innovative solutions in the educational process leading also to  increase of students’ activity to take initiatives connected with innovations, enterprise and business. Selection of partners for the projects from the geographical point of view will not considerably matter for the Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek however the institution still would like to learn from the bests. To accomplish the individual projects the Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek is going to select for each project
a contact person responsible for staying in touch with other project partners. This person will be continuously supported in all activities by Erasmus programme coordinator and obviously substantially by other participants of the project employed by the Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek.

3. Please explain the expected impact of your participation in the Programme on the modernisation of your institution (for each of the 5 priorities of the Modernisation Agenda*) in terms of the policy objectives you intend to achieve. (max. 3000 characters) 

Higher Vocational State School in Wloclawek is going to implement new study programmes first of all in order to increase the number of the students. Development in this direction is one of the institution priorities. Taking into account considerable increase of the number of the students the institution intends to recruit more students from abroad also in scope of the mobility. Thus preparing new educational offer the institution will take into account both the preferences of the Polish and foreign students. The institution places large emphasis on the quality of education. The institution intends to maintain the trend and create even better conditions to achieve it. To do this one of the institution priorities will be following the pattern of the bests. It will be possible thanks to the cooperation of the institution with foreign partners in international cooperation projects that will regard looking for the best solutions of the education quality. Establishing partnerships for the projects the institution is going to cooperate with institutions of similar size and similar degrees but also with well known and reputed partners to obtain as much as possible accurate and realistic effects to be implemented in the education. To increase further the quality of education and to remain equal partner in the international projects the institution priority is continuous improvement of the academic staff skills. Therefore the institution in its strategy contained as one of the strategic objective the continuous improvement of qualifications of the scientific staff through increase of its mobility, exchange of experiences, implementation of new education methods, participation in theme networks, intensive programmes, international cooperation projects as well as joint publications. To accomplish this priority the institution will offer help in language preparation of the academic staff. Because one of the most important objective of the strategy is the change of educational profile from humanistic to technical to provide the future graduates opportunity of better start on the labour market the institution cooperates closely with the local business preparing educational offer just for the needs of this local business. Increase of students’ mobility in order to have foreign trainings or increase of number of visits of foreign business in our institution will certainly contribute even more to meet the needs of the local labour market. This way the graduates of our institution will meet the expectations of the future employers because the theory of the education process will be connected with practice. All the mentioned above objectives serving for improvement of the education quality will finally influence the managing the institution because better prepared staff and obligation to gain the specific goals will force also changes in the managing scheme of the institution as
a consequence and the changes will let for more effective implement the priorities.

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